That was a break.

You know when it happens, but you deny it because in only hurts for a few seconds.

We were practicing roundhouses with focus mitts as the target. Teacher was holding it at whatever distance he saw fit and it was a bit too close for me so my foot went under the mitt and my pinky toe did not. Crack.

I feel like I'm walking with a eggplant in my shoe.

The news - we got a new guy whom I'll call NNG (new new guy) until a name surfaces for him. He's got a Brown Belt in Kenwa-kai karate. I'd forgotten how nice it was to have someone to do stuff with who actually knows what to do. Insanely pleasurable.

At the end of class Teacher says that testing will occur in the next couple of weeks - gulp. That actually sounded specific.


Bob Patterson said…
Looks like you'll be testing injured just like I did!


At least I did not have a fracture.

Oh well, hang in there!
Potatoe Fist said…
I don't think my toe is anywhere near an issue as your hand. I just worry about movement that might engage the toe, but so far so good. Tonight will be a good gauge.

Teacher gave me a small list of what to prepare for. I'm mostly concerned about my knees (looking good in kata) and my cardiac fitness in sparring. That's why your knee strike exercise will be put into play tonight and tomorrow.
Bob Patterson said…
Let me know how it feels on sore knees. It did bother my neck a little but that's an old injury talking.

The nice thing is you don't have to bounce or go down deep so your knees should be OK. I assume you guys have the switch step in karate? We have it in taekwondo and the video I showed was from Thai.

Just do the switch step a little shorter and not as deep a karate would. You might try to keep things at a taekwondo walking stance.
Potatoe Fist said…
The only problem is that during the kata my stance is supposed be loowwww. I mean the top my thighs should be parallel to the ground. It doesn't hurt for the duration, but the accumulative practice makes them hurt.

We don't technically do the switch step, but I've utilized it during sparring. We're really big on keeping contact with the ground so there isn't hopping or cool TKD stuff.
Meg said…
Oh ow!! That hurts just thinking about it! Buddy tape it! If you can tape it, you'll be able to test past it and won't have too many issues, with any luck!

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