A little blood...

Arms of Steel is back in town for semester break. He was doing some arm work with Lux and punched him in the nose. There was a little blood flow. Lux has never had a bloody nose in his life! He kept commenting about it and I think Teacher got a little tired and said, "do you need a tampon?" to which Lux responded, "why, do you have one in your purse?" Everyone fell down laughing. Teacher said, "I guess I deserved that."

Since we had a new guy I was placed with him to work on the basics. He's very athletic so he took physical correction extremely well. The 2nd half of the class AOS, Beard and I worked on grabs and locks. Beard deferred to me to pick the techniques (kotegaeshi and shihonage!) and it went very well. The three of us had a grand time throwing and slapping to our hearts content. Teacher worked with the new folks for the whole time and would only visit for a second or two to see what we were up to or to answer questions.

After class I told Teacher that I should have offered to work with the new folks on kicking techniques. He said it was no problem, but we did have a good conversation about how good it is to do the education portion as it covers the gaps in my own knowledge.


Carmelita said…
Well written article.

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