Back from Vacation

I haven't been to class yet, but my wife and I are a study in how jet lag completely discombobulates someone. Neither of us can stay asleep for more than four hours because our clocks are so far off. It's waking up at 4 or 3 in the morning and not being able to get back to sleep.

In an attempt to stay in some kind of shape I tried to keep up with Pat's challenge of 100 push ups just to see if I could do it. Bob at Striking Thoughts has broken it up to 50, rest, 25, rest and 25. I figured since Bob and I are roughly the same age I could do the same. I thought wrong! I guess heavy lifting doesn't translate to quantity. My best on the trip was 42, rest, and 10. I was too fried after that to do more. Yesterday at the gym I was able to do 50 in one shot, but nothing more.

I'll continue to try more in my morning warm ups and see how far I get.


Bob Patterson said…
Be sure to allow a day or two of recovery for your muscles to grow and repair themselves.

This becomes more important for us old guys!


I bet if you stick with it you'll see your push-ups go up. It also helps with punching.

Take care!

Meg said…
You're back! Good to see you again!
Take Bob's advice and rest!! Don't try to do it all at once!!
[Mat] said…

crazy. I did a lot back then, but never 100.

good luck on that. :D
An Ngoc Phan said…
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An Ngoc Phan said…
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Potatoe Fist said…
So this morning I got to 50 pushups on my knuckles. I was so proud of the accomplishment that I didn't think of continuning on.

An, your comments make a lot of sense. I'll make sure I have enough rest and I'll try the halfsies to see if that improves my base amount.

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