Back from Vacation

So I've found that two weeks of diving isn't very conducive to cardio fitness. The focus is so focused on breathing in a relaxed manner so that you can conserve your air that when I ran up two flights of stairs I almost had a heart attack.

So it's back to the grindstone for fitness. It's dark here and rainy so I might as well get on the stick.


frotoe said…
Welcome back! That warm weather must have been nice..
Potatoe Fist said…
Between 75 and 85 most days. I still had a problem with the heat though. There didn't seem to be enough shade for me on a couple of streets so I'd end up edging along a wall with a inch of shade on the sidewalk. My wife didn't laugh because she was right in front of me doing the same thing.
Patrick Parker said…
Sounds like fun. It's 20 degrees here this week - even in south Mississippi.

You know, you take a lot of vacations. You must be dirty rotten filthy stinking rich or something.
Potatoe Fist said…
As my wife puts it so eloquently, "I love my job, but it's really there to pay for the vacations." I suppose we are better off than some, but we don't have a lot or need it so our energy is put into travel.

I didn't think MS got that cold. I bet you guys don't even have insulation...
Patrick Parker said…
We have insulation - how do you think we keep the air conditioning in during the summer? Burlap bags piled on the roof?


it might get into the 20's or teens for a short while each winter. This makes 3 days of 20's, which is pretty unusual. check out zip code 39652 on

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