Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Red Jaw

I was actually looking forward to coming to class tonight. I have to admit that there are times where I'm either dreading it or too exhausted to contemplate the exercise. However, after such a long hiatus I've been looking forward to going back with some regularity.

So Cook came early and I asked permission to start teaching him the first kata. Teaching kata is so difficult. I think the art is determining how much detail you should give a person. I definitely don't have that. I have the tendency to talk too fast and try to correct every little thing.

Sensei was big on basics tonight. Which I thought was great just for my own development. Block drills and movement. Great for the new guy and great for me - the old new guy.

The second hour was all ground work and fending shoots to the hips and legs. The one that really sticks out in my head is the catch of the back of the neck. We form a cup over the yuki's neck and ride our middle fingers past the ear lobe and then press the nerves in the jaw. Holy cow! Dropped me like a slaughtered hog. This required very good timing, but once achieved was very effective.

From there defending and attacking into a kick while you are on the ground. Tough but fun as hell. It was rather sobering that you'd probably get a busted rib if your timing was off and it probably will be in a bar on the floor. But once we had them down we learned a nice submission on the foot. I wasn't paying attention and Check kicked me in the lower abdomen with her free foot. Keep that other knee up!

By the way, when I said I wasn't sore last time I was incredibly hasty in that statement. I spent the weekend taking ibuprofen hoping that I wouldn't die. Getting back to shape is going to be tough, but I've started.


Mathieu said...

Here's the health advice of the day:

Leave the ibuprofen where it is.

Take pineapple juice. Or better yet, eat pineapples.
It does the same thing - it's antiflammatory (sp?) - and leaves your kidneys intact. What ibuprofen does not...

+ the added vitamin will help your body.
+ it is reknowed to be a certain.. stimuli for certain bedroom activities.


Potatoe Fist said...

I haven't heard about the Pineapple juice approach. Of course I don't think my wife would care too much for me chasing her around the bedroom even more than I do. She needs her rest...

Mathieu said...


Mathieu said...

here are some articles



Bromelain (from pineapples) is an anti-inflammatory used to aid digestion, accelerate healing, prevent stroke, reduce blood pressure, reduce or eliminate

A quick google will let you find that.


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