The Visitor

Sensei called me up last Wednesday and told me that he ran into a guy who was an instructor for 35 years and talked him into coming to class to visit/instruct. So he wanted as much of the class there so everyone could get a little more. Since I was still hacking like I have TB I just visit for the last hour to see how it was going.

Without knowing the visitor's background I'd have to say he knew some stuff about some stuff. I haven't been doing MA for very long, but did you ever notice that you can tell someone who has skills no matter what they look like. He reminded me of Teacher Slim in that he had an everyman appearance and didn't appear to have a super hero physique, but in action he had so many skills that I don't have enough knowledge to even describe how good he was.

While I sat with his wife he took our members to task. He definitely came from the old school. By this I mean that hitting is for keeps and grabs are extremely painful. After class we found out that he has attended schools in Japan and the Philippines and had acted as a trainer in so many places that I couldn't keep track. Quite the CV.

I talked with Teacher tonight and he said that everyone was still sore afterwords. Life! I can't wait to get back...


Miss Chris said…
Sounds like fun...NOT!
[Mat] said…
What miss chris said :D

Kidding, sounds like real fun. Anyone who travelled a bit overseas has a definite accent to their technique.

The accent that hurts....

Silverstar said…
Sounds like a great educational experience and also one that reminds me of a quote I once heard: "Pain is a great teacher, but no one wants to take his class." ;)
Potatoe Fist said…
Awesome - I definitely have mixed feelings about that type of learning. I want to prove that I'm hard, but I hate getting there.

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