Friday, January 05, 2007

Stupor 2

After only three weeks of lethargy I didn't think it would be possible to be as sore as I felt before going to beatings last night. My wife told me a joke and if felt like all my ribs were broken when I laughed. Not the best way to enter a night of physical frivolity.

It felt like an old home week because Teacher Slim was there. His attendance has been extremely sporadic over the last year, but I can't fault him. I suspect he gets bored by us and our lack of skills. However, this is never mentioned and he's always very jovial.

I mention him because after a half hour of side kicks (for you Mat) we were broke into skill groups. Check, Vet and I were passed to Teacher Slim for "Aikido" practice. I put that in quotes because I feel like I'm not be respectful to the folks that actually do traditional Aikido whereas we do the watered down locks and throws that only make up an extremely small portion of the art. That being said Check and I attempted to teach Vet all the things we knew. Let's say that I know 20 moves and I tried to break them down and show them to Vet. Later that night I realized that I gave him information overload. Stupid. Teacher Slim likes the advanced students to form the lesson without criticism and just helps teaching technique. Poor Vet - his eyes were glazed and we never noticed.

A positive note is that Check and I really got a lot out of teaching the techniques.


Lizzie Woolley said...

I've been going to a real Aikido dojo off and on lately. Very different from Goju-ryu. What art do you practice?

Potatoe Fist said...

Our school is Tang Soo Do, but it's not associated with the national organiazation. On top of that the class is taught in Japanese because Teacher Slim took everything in Japanese. We have Aikido on the side as an extra.

Mathieu said...

Teaching is always nice :)

I miss aikido. Wish I had more time to do martial arts.

I'd take kobudo, karate, aikido and taichi. That would fill out a week :)

30 min of sidekicks. :) we often do that, with mixed results. I'm not always sure of the result.

Be well!

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