Friday, September 15, 2006

lo cal

So after going to the doctors early in the week to look at a bump on my toe it was determined that I hadn't had my colesterol checked in over 8 years. So last night I had to start a 12 hour fast before my blood could be taken. Normally this isn't a big deal, but my wife has been on a diet that has a very low carb intake. I know that I really don't need that many carbs, but lately their absense from our diet is making me feel kinda flaky - as if I'm starting to have the flu.

That leads us to last night. Almost presciently Teacher didn't chose me to warm up the class and instead picked Kid Speed. I gather he wants Kid Speed to stop looking so outwardly bored. Which was fine with me as I could barely move faster than sloth speed.

It was a good crowd and we practiced more infighting and hand to hand stuff because teacher Slim wasn't around. The made me think about what I had read on another blog, gonewiththetoe, in which she is going through some real hardship on her journey to blackbelt. It was constant blows to the bruises on my arms that made me wonder for the upteenth time when they would toughen to the point of less discomfort. For all I know they have, but I might be putting more umph into my shots and blocks and thus reap the benefit of a higher level of endurance. That, or I'm big wuss.

The night ended with sparring and katas. I started with Beard and it went well, but he adjusted quicker than I did. This meant he was able to get inside my kicks and was able to take advantage of me. My second match was with Nutbag. I wasn't sure how this was going to go, because Nutbag often checks himself out of class for a moment to compose himself. I'm not sure what's going on in his head, but I appreciate it because you just get the feeling he's trying to contol something unpleasent. At the same time it comes off as though he's over dramatic. But who am I to comment? I jump around like a cartoon character most of the time.


frotoe said...

Hey! thanks for visiting and linking to my blog- I will link to yours as well and visit regularly- by the way, what style of martial arts do you study?

Lizzie Woolley said...

That's a good idea to not use people's real names. I thinking about doing that for my blog.

Potatoe Fist said...

I study Tang Soo Do with a blend of Aikido. Kinda practical dirty fighting, however I have an inward longing for your type of endurance training.

I figured anonymity would be smart. In case I got rauchy or too bitchy.

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