Tuesday, November 26, 2019

Three Plus Kata

Although it was like learning a new kata, Olivia and I learned the variant of Sanchin that has a turn around, but the amount of strikes is the same.  The addition of the turn came with a brutal new leg muscle development scheme.  

Each movement in Goju-ryu is usually accompanied with a slight dip.  I assume this is to force good foot placement and make you stable, but the turns we are required to dip all the way down (as far we can go) to develop our leg muscles.  At the test we are supposed to be back to normal.  Ah tradition.  My legs felt like rubber.  

While we worked on basics in the two hours of class we were introduced to some of the sections in our upcoming kata.  Yikes!  Complicated handwork coming up.

Here I am in all my glory! Cover your eyes.


Count Dante said...


1. Thank Christ you wore pants

2. Your cat looks bored

3. Was this recorded in your Compound?

4. I never learned Sanchin. My kung fu instructor did during his karate days. Isn't this the kata where they beat on you to test stance? You need someone beating on you.

Potatoe Fist said...

1. Yes I wore pants because I have very skinny legs. No reason for you to puke yourself rotten.
2. I didn't realize the cat was in there! And yes she is perpetually bored by my antics.
3. Basement bar, gym, bunker, multi-use room.
4. The beating test is what led to my kick in the crotch, but if I can film it with her I will. Quality entertainment.

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