Tuesday, June 25, 2019

A Little Collection Of Notes

I'm still grinding away at my practice and occasionally learning a bit of new stuff, but lately I've been teaching a bit more than practice, but it's all stuff I needed to work on anyway.  

Most of the time I've been working on Ni Pai Po which is modestly long and somewhat challenging.  However, I'm teaching it as I refine it.  I had no idea how difficult it was to pass timing on how rewarding it is to see the other person get it!  

My next big goal is to be lower in stance by the end of every kata than the start.  That goes with the assumption that I'm rising during the middle of the kata.  

I've been working with my new bunkai partner, Reed.  Which is nice as we look better matched than I did with Olivia.  We are simply practicing the basics and haven't amplified the standard stuff we usually use.  Reed usually leaves that to the last couple of weeks.  Stressful to me, but that's how he works.  

Other news:
I'm now using a blood pressure cuff twice a day.  Slightly high blood pressure for three visits in a row means I have to monitor.  Depressing.

I've been back to running after a very long time off.  I thought it was good for you.  It's a perfectly ridiculous way to spend time.  I thought it was going to help me sleep better.  it seems the fitter you get the more you have to work to get exhausted.  Silly!

I'm making knives for my three teachers.  I should have done a video on how not to do it.  However, I'm impressed how sharp these things are.  I'm up to polishing the blades a bit more before I work on the handles.  I want those done before the test this time.

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