A Brief Glimpse Into The Future

In the midst yet another deep dive in the details of one of our kata I started feeling the warmth of some emerging confidence.  I'm not saying that my kata was any better than before, but I felt relaxed in that I was able to correct small errors quickly and feel a bit better about things in general.

We didn't have much of a class last night.  I was just with Reed and Daniel and the point I found some of that confidence was when all three of us did the same kata and I saw that I was doing the same timing as them and I actually looked good.  Of course then I messed up some portions, but the first part was gold.

I haven't been writing much because there hasn't been much beyond practicing the test and working on timing.  May feels far away and just around the corner at the same time. I'm experiencing a bit of nervousness about the bunkai portion simply because we haven't spent much time on them.  Olivia and me just haven't been in the same room enough to really get into it.  At the very least we have the basic ones down.  The newer ones we tried aren't set in my mind so if we go that route we won't do well unless we work very hard in the next couple of months and real life doesn't often allow that. 

I'm off the East Coast next week so I'll miss yet another tournament period and I'll have to really work on practice as not to lose what I've got. 


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