One Day To Go1

Tomorrow is the big day!  I'm having constantly rotating feelings of excitement and nerves (which I would assume are two sides of the same coin).  The calms I'm experiencing between the nerves allow me to reflect on the fact in scheme of things this isn't that massive a deal for anyone else but me.  All the senseis have pointed out this is confirmation so actual testing is off the table.  In fact clips boards are put down so the judges can sit and watch. 

I hear what they are saying, but my internal mechanisms push me to be the best that I can be.  My ability is a reflection of the training I've received in the last year and a reflection of the teachers that have spent time on me.  To do poorly shows a bad reflection on the teacher and school. 

To be honest I feel pretty good about the whole thing.  Just as long as we have plenty of time to warm up I think we'll be pretty good to go.  Mark and I look pretty good after three run-throughs. 

Case in point - we spent a majority of the class running through the test and identifying any quick issues we could change in the next day.   So by the after class we'd done the run-through about two times.  During the after class we had another technical run of the test.  We did fairly well, but had two sticking points which drive me bananas.  However, the judges said it was fine and we should do fine. 

The intriguing advice was to keep thinking about two moves ahead and not so much on the current one.  I guess trust that when we are in action we do great, but if we start thinking we have a tendency to catch ourselves.  Durp!

To add to the excitement of the big day MaryAnn told me that when they went to get hotel rooms there was only one left.  A fact that I told them two weeks ago.  Now they are all going to share a room, so I feel like I should share my room to ease the crowding, but I got the room so I could have my own space.  Ah well, for the good of the order I suppose.  But, it sure is some poor planning for a group of folks that's done this for years.  I guess it's rare that the hotel is ever booked up.  It's not like we are going to have a lot time to hang out though.  I gather the whole evening can last till 1am, so we'll head to bed and crash and then get up and do it again the next day for the under belt testing. 

I took the day off tomorrow so I can sleep in. I don't want tomorrow to be filled with yawns as the evening plows on. 


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