18 Days To Go

I keep telling myself that I am feeling pretty good about the test coming up.  I've been studying this stuff for a year and Mark and I get through it pretty easily, but there is always errors.  I don't think we've gone through our application song and dance without at least one hiccup.  I had my wife video us but I'm actually dreading looking at it.  We hadn't warmed so we were a mess to be sure.  After about three run throughs we looked okay.  

I'm currently on call so I'm living a weird schedule.  I can't be farther than 20 minutes away from a computer at any given time so going to class is out of bounds, but that's more because if falls before 5 pm.  My real time shift ends at five.  So Mark took pity on me and came out to my place to practice for an hour so I could be close to work.  Although I didn't get any emergencies I was able to get work done during the hour I had to sit here.  

After class was just a run through over and over again of our long application string.  We picked up a few fixes (open hands with closed fingers, and step this way not the other), but by and large we looked pretty good.

I'm glad we are fairly decent because my mind is occupied with all kinds of issues with my Mom.  My wife, who is retired, is heading out to the east coast tonight to be with my parents for a couple of days.  Organizing care and getting insurance to pay for it is a learning experience for everyone.  I'll be going out the weekend after my test.  


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