Smallest Measure

I suppose it was only a matter of time where I'd get a bit frustrated with Mark.  We are always working together and pretty much always on the same stuff.  We both show up early to class and work on our stuff so we can squeeze in as much practice as we can.  

About half way through class he started forgetting what the next move is.  Finally, I asked if he was having low blood sugar; the change was that rapid.  My guess is that he must have the same problems with me.  I can remember what's next, but attention to detail fails me as time goes on.  I notice that I can't remember my foot placement, but it gets better each week.  Mark can remember all that, but forgets the next move.  I guess we are perfect for each other.  

Progress is being measured by increments.  Reed Sensei went over our Kata and chiseled away at small issues.  I think I had more than six things to work on.  This mornings practice found me me going over piece after piece.  

We can now tear through the bunkai.  Although I find my technique is still in question we don't have to think about what we are doing next.  We are also about to get through our original side of the application without too much hesitation.  When we switch sides we run into a lot of difficulty just getting through the first five steps.  So much more to work on before we even look smooth.

I found out that the confirmation is a very private closed event.  I thought my wife would be coming along to take video, but no one but the practitioners are allowed in and video is absolutely forbidden.  Wow!


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