Last night was my first full two hour stint after coming back from vacation.  As you can imagine it was a challenge but that was mostly because I was sleep deprived.  I wanted to get back on my diet again in fear that I'll get a bout of gout if I'm not careful.  So that means no booze and cutting down on fatty stuff. 

I hate admitting it, but the drinks I do have really help me get to sleep.  With their removal I'm pretty much tossing and turning most of the night.  Not totally asleep and somewhat awake all at the same time.  The last time I did this it took three days to get my sleep cycle corrected.  I assumed that it would come quicker this time since it was only two months ago.  Wrong.

Anyway, it meant that I was dragging myself to class but, as usual, the attention to detail and activity level kept me going.  Class consisted of doing five of each of the last three katas.  15 kata doesn't sounds like a lot but after the first five I was dragging and puffing.  I can tell when I'm tiring out because the kicks start turning into a leg fling instead of a crisp action.

In the after class Mark and I just got started on the ten bunkai.  And then relearning the application series.  This time Mark is doing the other side of the application.  We got about half wayish - around the fifth step.  Being tired makes it a miserable affair trying to remember the smallest things. 

Hopefully Wednesday will bring a refreshing brain to the class and I'll feel less overwhelmed and stressed out.


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