Sanchin Bunkai

I staggered into class last night completely exhausted after another brutal weekend of house work and late nights.  Sunday my wife and I decided we need to clean up our acts a bit because we are gaining weight.  This means no booze and good food this week.  I've already lost three pounds, but my sleep is severely impacted.  I'm exhausted and cannot get to sleep.  I clearly was using booze to get to sleep, so the trade off will be thinner, healthier me, but with giant bags under my eyes. 

After warm up, we broke up into a variety of groups and I ended up getting three little girls with the instruction to teach moving front kicks.  Each girl was about one year older than the next.   The old girl, probably eight or nine, had the best understanding and had obviously practiced.  The other two had some issues with concentration, but that seemed pretty normal.  So we did kicks from zenkutsu, and cat stance.  Then from front leg and back leg.  Then we did a little with kicking at targets.  This let me know that none of them could kick over hip height which kind of confused me.  As far as I could tell, all the kids in class are way more flexible than me, so I would assume they could kick higher.  While I pondered this and tried to figure out how to address it, Sensei partnered me with MaryAnn Sensei to continue on working with Sanchin.

Last time MaryAnn added some more refinements which I managed to remember, just in the incorrect place.  But once we addressed those I was introduced to the bunkai.  Basically a dodge to the left and right, each with punches and a little hand work.  Very cool and not overly complex.  The validation was that I was able to do the kata this morning (half asleep) without forgetting too much.


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