Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Sanchin Huff And Puff

A five month hiatus!  How time flies when you remodel a house.  My wife and I took four and half months to complete our upstairs bathroom and to celebrate started working on our downstairs bathroom.  

This was determined to be a less than favorable approach to celebration.  Not having a time to relax and sit back between home disruptions creates a lot of stress.  Additionally neither one of us has been able to get any decent exercise or eat very well while the house is in construction mode.

This leaves us both feeling kind of shabby, out of shape, etc.  My wife started going to a gym down town in order to see if that met her needs.  She clearly liked the social aspect and enjoyed the workouts, but driving there was beyond her tolerance level and the cost was really high.  So at the end of the month that went by the wayside.

To celebrate the end of the upper bathroom we went to Mexico for a week to enjoy some sun and salt water.  Upon our return it was time to embrace our new healthy selves.  This means eating more at home and exercising more.  For my wife it means going out and working in the garden until she almost drops dead and for me it means beatings!

I've been practicing every morning so I don't forget the stuff I've learned over the last year.  So going back last night wasn't as horrible as it could have been. After warm up we did the "10 Kata".  Which is to say that we actually do ten katas even though everyone around might be doing a different one.  Everyone stops after they finish and then we are told bow, etcetera.  This continues until everyone has completed ten.  

After we finished the 10 I was partnered with MaryAnn Sensei to learn Sanchin.  I looked around a video and this was a close as I could find.
Ibuki breathing is tiring!

After running through this a few times I felt like a Karate superstar.  I totally forgot locking my hips and stuff, but it'll be fun to learn.  

We ended up doing a self defense move directly from Aikido or used by everyone.  You grab the wrists of the person in front of you and don't let go.  I hate that part as being unrealistic, but the move is fun.  You duck down go into an elbow lock and throw.  Then pin and punch.  Weeee.  I can't find a video of it but I'm pretty sure I've seen it every Aikido and advanced technique class I've ever been in.

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