Exercise Note 2

The heat in the area is showing no signs of going anywhere so I grabbed my running sandals and hit the road in 100 degree, arid heat.  The strange thing about being in such a dry stretch is that it didn't appear that I was sweating at all.  I am fairly used to perspiring a moderate amount trying to move my 200 lbs around.  I realized later that it was probably evaporating as fast as I was producing it.  I never felt uncomfortable, but I only ran for 13 minutes netting me a 1.3 mile run.  Not very exciting, but with reconstructing my gait and a slight fear of overdoing it in the heat I thought I did pretty good.

I only took one pause at the turn around, but I did feel sorry for people out in the heat as I trundled by.  A man chasing his stomach while his lovely moobs swayed to a mild beat has got to put anyone off their chow.  I wonder how my wife can tolerate the site.  However, this might explain why she has the lights off in the bedroom when I come to bed.

The important part of this note (really not all about self-loathing) is that my legs don't hurt at all, but I have a small amount of tenderness on the tip of one toe that must have been rubbing incorrectly. Talk about a great progress.  My knee didn't show any sign of wear or tear and my legs feel comfortably exercised without the gripping pain from my last go round.

I squeezed in a shoulder work out while we watched TV later in the evening.  It feels great to use weights again after all this time, but I must admit it's a bit upsetting to use such small amounts.  I'd rather keep away from injury though and I'm keeping my eye on the long path.

For those of you interested in near barefoot running here's the site I eventually chose because of the price of make it yourself shoes Xero Shoes.


BSM said…
Be sure to hydrate! One thing I've learned in the West is that with low humidity your sweat evaporates fast. This means you may not realize how much water you are losing so drink up, Shriner!

Those sandals are interesting. We saw some folks wearing them at Zion National Park (also those gel-type form fitting thingys). Unfortunately they will not cut it for my X3 workouts. The plan calls for crosstrainers because there is a ton of lateral movements. I've been using running shoes and already almost rolled my ankle. It's on my to-do list to get a good pair of crosstrainers!
Potatoe Fist said…
I'm not married to the sandals just yet, because the way I have to run now just slaughters my legs. Joints and feet are happy, but my calves are having a hard time catching up.

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