Notices Of Age

I am absolutely in the worst pain right now.  Apparently abundant manual labor around the house is no substitute for the gym and moderately hard aerobics.  I discontinued running awhile back because I just didn't seem to be able to put it to my schedule.  The same goes with the gym.  Since I've moved to the Rose City I haven't been able to look at a gym because of the time commitment. 

Which brings me to why I'm so uncomfortable right now.  Last night we started late and MaryAnn Sensei led the warm-up.  Although she is thorough, I can barely stifle an inward groan sometimes.  She takes a long time and doesn't use an out loud count.  This leads to the occasional late start.  Last night was an impressive detour into yoga moves.  If it were anything but in our class I would have applauded because I clearly needed to work on torso flexibility, but the warm up went into the 30 minute mark and I was groaning before we finished.  What happened to my flexibility?

While we were finishing up Reed Sensei placed rubber disk in patterns around the back of the room.  This indicates we'd be doing movement drills.  Again this can be onerous, but are great for reminding our feet what they need to be doing.  However, last night they went into new territory.  I thought doing cartwheels was a challenge, but we did a one knee down squats.  Again this shouldn't have been an issue, but even after one run of 10 or so squats I could feel my hams lock up.  By the 20th I could barely stand up. 

Thankfully everyone was very supportive, but I think they were a bit concerned since my face was not only congested red, but I was sporting a rictus of pain.  After that, we were asked to see what we needed to work on.  I partnered with Kyle to work on details of Pinan Shodan.

When I got home I needed to mow the lawn.  Now a considerably daunting task since my legs weren't really supporting my weight.  It was like someone removed my knees.  Before I hit the sack I took a Alleve and I think it was the only thing that allowed me to get out of bed today.


Anonymous said…
Getting old sucks. Period.

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