Shudokan 14

Missing class blows.

Due to some unexpected tasks at work I ended up missing Monday's class.  The irony being that I was going skip class anyway because my parents had intended to visit from the East coast, but my Father got bronchitis.  I thought to myself, "well, at least I get to go to class".  Then my wife revealed that she got tickets to a fancy house tour in the city at the same time.  Sigh.   For some reason being at work late seemed even worse.

I got to class early to warm up.  The room is empty the hour before, but we back up to a cardio class so we rarely run long.  If we do, women with bulging biceps and calves start making their way around the outskirts of the room, letting us know to wrap it up.

This is what I imagine is being said in the background

The bummer alert went off when I was talking to Kyle.  He ran through all the parts of the class, but the big part was they ran through a "celebration".  Apparently, this is what they do a few times a year with the whole region (Yakima).  The formal belt testing occurs during this time.  So everyone in class had to run through whatever their belt requirement were.  Since I'm probably going to be in belt purgatory for several years until anyone can figure out what I need to be doing to get some kind of belt.  Post 50 year old belt tests sounds like a nightmare.  

Anyway, the alarming amount of material they need to know to get their belts has me fairly amazed.  I think I have this correct:

  • 10 + katas
  • 10 elbows techniques (kind of like one-step exercises)
  • 5 application kata (two person dance party)
  • 5 bunkai of above kata (not sure how this is done)
  • possibly self-defense techniques
I'm on month 2 of my first kata (Wando/wanduan) and slowly helping Mark through an application kata (which if I could remember the damn name I'd look up on the interwebs) and now, starting last night I'm helping Mark with another application.  Instead of just throwing a punch I get to do all kinds of twists and turns and fun stuff.  I've got to get a camera in there. 


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