Shudokan 12

This is the beginning of my second month at class and I hadn't really considered trying another martial art; unlike the thirty day trial I had planned.  I'd forgotten until one of the kids mentioned it.  I guess that means it's a good fit after all.  The only complaint being the length of instruction is fairly short.  Two hours a week doesn't allow for a lot of personal interaction with a teacher.  

To remedy this I've made myself available to the others as much as possible.  The oldest student, Mark, is working towards his Blackbelt exam and requires extra time to get a lot squared away.  To make that happen I've offered my basement as a secondary training environment.  It's got a cold floor and a low ceiling, but it doesn't cost anything.  Sensei has offered to bring over some sport floor tiles to reduce the impact for falls and allow us to take off our footwear.  Last night we were able to meet and hour and half afterwords.  

During class MaryAnn Sensei was able to give some really excellent pointers on the Wando Kata (also known as Wanduan if you search on the interwebs).  We finally finished the whole thing and now it's on to the details and smoothing it out.  That ought to take years.  MaryAnn definitely has the skill to help me out.  Just picking a few things a time to work on and is generally very complimentary.  My favorite head-sweller is, "you sure are picking this up quickly".  I have no idea how long it should take, but that makes me feel all sorts of awesome.   


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