RCD Shudokan 7

I just got home and I'm desperately trying to remember the techniques we worked on and I sad to report that I can only recall a three of the five.  This school teaches 10 elbow techniques so I was glad for the jump into the deep end with Marcus, but I realized I can perform technique and understand it, but to remember it is tough.  The fifth one we did included a leg sweep with knee to the ribs. Fun, but how did I get there?

The notes below will hopefully help me remember the next time they come up. 

Elbow Techniques

  1. block (stop!), grab, kick to groin, elbow to right jaw, left jaw, eye stare
  2. block (stop!), grab, kick to groin, left knee to face, head grab to twist elbow to ear
  3. block from outside, grab, elbow to ribs in low stance, waiter's hand to push shoulder over, elbow strike to back 

Found out that Sensei taught exclusively for 10 years until the school membership got too small.  I wondered why his teaching was so smooth.  


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