RCD (Rose City Digest) Shudokan 4

I really need someone who can explain a lot of what I'm experiencing.  It's like Jody Foster in "Contact",  "They should have sent a poet."  I'm not doing a good job in articulating so much of what goes through my head.  

Here's a bunch of jangled, unrelated thoughts:

  • Black belts that stay around and become sewanim (sp?) become lost boys for a reason.  Listening to the stuff you heard a million times becomes a challenge to absorb or filter out.
  • I just want to get to the "meat".  I'm just impatient with excitement.
  • Since we all learn at different rates and different ways, being patient with other folks can be a challenge.  I want them to focus on one aspect and then they focus on something else.  Learn to breath Tater...
  • The continuum of skill - when you have 6 six year old next to you getting explanations of basic punching that takes 10 minutes; my teeth grinding becomes audible.
  • Wasn't the old class model in Japan to never ask questions?  No one asks questions, but explanations can go on past a point.  You can't say, "got it" in fear of being a rude a-hole. 
So I would say that I'm in an adjustment phase.  Still excited to go to class, but gritting my teeth about different factors.  

I found out that we do testing 3 times a year.  I wonder what I'd be up for or if I'd qualify for anything.

I will practice breathing and letting it go (sing a Frozen song here).


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