Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Challenge Complete

100 Days

The actually count turned out to be 102 because I missed two days in the last week due to travel.  I couldn't quite figure out where to squeeze in push-ups until after the fact.  I should have been knocking them out in airport waiting areas.  I would have looked like an ass, but it would have been nice to have all my days of the challenge contiguous.  

Running selfie in PA. Not featured - spraying vomit at mile 2.

This is what I know at this point:

  • My best run was 80 in a row
  • I'm kind of sad that I didn't make 100 hundred, but not sure it's possible without careful training
  • Trying to do 100 in a row everyday is not careful training
  • Regular change is in sequence helped me the most.  E.G. 20, 60, 20 then 50, 50 the next day.
  • The lack of rest break for recovery probably held me back the most.  I clearly needed more than 24 hours.  
I've read on Striking Thoughts that Push-ups, Squats, and sit-ups are the go to workout when you can't get to the gym and I'm going to totally agree. Being at the absolute nadir of caring about fitness, the push-ups acted as a life-buoy to keep me going.  I was so motivated following vacation that I ran in one of our late year 5Ks.  Let me be clear that I did not train for this in any shape or form, but I was able to finish in less than a half hour which is totally respectable for me.  This was completed with two moments of walking. If I didn't walk I would have had a very good time.  The race was also done in the worst weather I've ever experienced.  So all in all I did really well.

So I went back to the gym after a week or so off.  I guess I hadn't recovered form the race.  I had to drag myself through a mile on the treadmill and a few light weight-baring exercises.  Recovery in my late 40s is something to be respected I gather.  

Friday I'm going to be 47.  This will mark my 10th year in this martial journey. I am at daily work on Kata and I'm somewhat frozen at the 15th Kata, but if you asked me a decade ago if I'd ever have a Black belt I would have told you you were nuts.  

Bassai in the park

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