Tuesday, December 18, 2012

The Ghost Man Commeth

Teacher asked me to take the kids class tonight and I thought it might be nice, but the timing was off.  Work has accelerated and I've got visiting specialists in town commanding a lot of my time.  It was actually a great time to get away from work out just to clear my mind.

I honestly wish I was a better writer just so I could relay the Heironymous Bosch-esque nature of the class. Teacher has a very serious clamp on behavior and totally okay with getting kids to do push ups and sit ups as punishments for speaking or acting out of turn.  What I mean to say is that I don't think I'm up to his approach and it showed.

I'm not sure what I thought was going to happen, but I didn't get a feeling for the level of oddness that emerged fairly quickly in the class.  First off, I presumed that class would be small.  Wrong.  Tonight we are having a blizzard and no one is driving. I even questioned this myself as I drove slowly to our down town.  If anything, the class should have been small.  Out of 20 I get about 17.  Unbelievable.  

Although they didn't really catch my attention at first, two of the students really started decompensating as the hour went on. The first, a little girl who could star in commercials she was so cute, began to talk and would never cease.  So I would stop her for a few moments and she would pick right up.  Not terrible, but a bit exasperating.  The boy next to start belching like a fraternity guy at a kegger.  I couldn't believe it.  He followed this by staggering bouts of foul gas that made moving around him a challenge.  After asking to go to the bathroom - thank god! - he came back completely out of sync with class.  He started grabbing his face and pulling his eyes down so only the whites would and begin moaning.  "I'm a ghoooosssttttt," he would groan.  

This was during a whole class of movement with people that had no idea how to hold a line either.  So Cherub, who was nice enough to help out,  and I would try to straighten folks out suppress outbursts and class moving.  No surprise the hour flew by.  We even went over, but I was starting to suspect that the parents were getting a little antsy due to the weather.  

Cherub and I stayed and working on in-fighting, side roll-outs and then tomonagi (belt throw).  After a couple of bad landings on my part I was glad to let that go for the evening.  

I'm out of the country for the next couple of weeks, so unless something strikes my fancy - I'm out!

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