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Too Fast Too Soon?

I should be at class right now, but a confluence of events has me with one foot in bed. Work has slowed down enough that I thought I would start going back to class, but the always eager desire to skip reared it's ugly head when we had problems at work.  So I literally sat at home waiting for my one employee to call me with updates.  By the time he finished it was past start time and I'm fairly tired from a lack of sleep anyway.

I did go on Tuesday however, and had a reasonable time.  By that I mean I'm so sore laughing actually hurts.  I have to hold my sides.  None of that was from throws, just punching.  My back feels like it has a shell on it, but thankfully my lower back isn't going into spasms.   

There was only three of us which isn't bad, but still makes me ache for the larger class dynamics.  It does mean that Teacher will focus on some hard stuff coupled with advanced technique. 

Cherub, Frenchie and Me warmed up on our own, but Teacher had me do the start…

Walking Before Kicking

I was speaking to Teacher after the kids class; commenting on their various performances during testing.  I pointed out that many of the kids had trouble with side kicks in that they had poor balance.  I speculated that they maybe hadn't developed enough to do those kicks.  Teacher's response was:

"Hell, most of those kids have only been walking a couple of years;  of course it's tough!"  

I hadn't been to class for over a month and maybe more so I was a bit nervous (when am I not?).  I wanted to protect my slowly healing shoulder and I knew my general fitness was pretty low due to being sick for the last month.  

However, the class had a slow relaxed pace since we have a new gal attending (Frenchie!).   This brings our regular class to the awesome number of four while the kids class has stabilized at 20.  By the time this kids reach the age to participate in the adult class we'll all be too old to take hard falls.

We did two advanced techniques that were wor…