New And Old

The class was incredibly small last night (possibly due to bad weather) so Teacher and I got to work on stuff ourselves while the four members did basic work amongst themselves. 

We’ve got a father son team that I find interesting to watch.  The son doesn’t want to be there, but Dad has joined the class so he’ll continue to come.  I’m not sure of the logic, but it’s a bit of a laugh to see the son with his frowny face and his lack of desire to participate.  Later in class he joins in, but he sure doesn’t want his Dad to know he’s having a good time. 

While working with Teacher I discovered something – I noticed that I tend to stay out and work on strikes while he closes and does advanced techniques.  This got me to thinking – I do this all the time, but now that we have tall people in class it’s become a deficit.  I need to be able to close more because staying out where I’m at only leads to me taking a beating.  I actually need to work on advanced technique during the one and two step practice.  And I’m not smooth there.  New focus!


Colin Wee said…
My kids give me hell for wanting them to continue their judo training. But when they get on the mat, they enjoy it and have a great time. I'm wondering when they're going to thank me for their training. Perhaps when they have to do a breakfall or roll to save their lives.


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Potatoe Fist said…
One of our older teachers has a son over in Iraq and has sent a few messages along the same line - why didn't you force me to continue when I was young.

What a conundrum. How can you make it interesting to them without coming across punitive?

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