Toe Jam

I made that stupid noise.

The one that gets pass your lips before you can even make a decision to clamp your lips, or grimace, or whatever one does to shut off an expulsion, or exclamation, of pain.

In my case the big toe of my right foot had an unexpected moment of intense friction while my body was moving forward.  Unfortunately, I was putting a lot of weight there so the toe curled under made a gross popping noise.

<I can barely type this remembering it. Barrrrffff>

I was completely out of breath most of the class.  I’d been off for a week due to a cold.  It was a struggle to keep up and I did a good job, but had to take a lot of rest breaks. 

Other then the toe issue class went nicely.  I was extra thankful that Teacher was back because my imagination had run dry.  Yeah!

Here’s one of my last sparring matches with Trucker.  We were really slow because I’m slow and he’s got a broken toe.

Slow, but coordinated


Anonymous said…
Hey it's almost like TSD chi sao! Cool stuff!
Potatoe Fist said…
Thanks! Too bad I couldn't move any faster. It would have looked a sissy slapfight though. That's about as quick as I can manage and have it look vaguely like I have technique in a fightl.

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