Class V2.3

I had a small case of pre-class nerves, but as soon as we started up they disappeared.  I never thought that my incapacity to do more than one thing at a time would pay off, but leading class sure falls into that dynamic. 

My mind fills with anxiety that consists mostly of, “what do I do after that?” but I move on much more fluidly than I could have ever imagined.  I gather that I’ve been participating in the class structure so long that the everything just comes along in sequence the less I think about it. 

I wanted to work on our few Aikido moves and some throws after introducing a new kick, the jumping crescent and a new throw combination (as seen here)

Tim Cartmell demoing a circle block into throw.

The rule that Teacher set for me was that I was never to teach anything that I didn’t know.  The temptation being that my skills were enough to “interpret” what I see and then construct a lesson around it. 

Let’s just say that I’m glad I didn’t take any video of our execution of the moves above.  Tim does a beautiful hip throw at the end of the move and my back won’t allow that, so that bit of the move becomes a trip and rollover-the-leg type of throw.

After beating that move (and each other) into submission we practiced our basic hand locks and moved on to the two most common throws we like, kotegeashi and shihonnage (wrist twist and four corner throws, respectively). 

Next time we’ll work on the jumping side kick, which should wear folks out enough that sparring will be appropriately executed.  I think I use the block, roundhouse to stomach, followed by axe or crescent at the exercise.


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