Axe Kick To The Arm

It’s been three weeks since I’ve been to class, but I was pleasantly surprised to see Little Sister visiting from College and then later Beard who hasn’t been there in ages.  I was mostly worried about my cardio fitness after largely doing nothing on vacation so I kind of barfed my way through the post warm up exercises.

Into the second hour we started work on Katas/hyungs and I was mostly burned out at that point.  So, Teacher wanted Little Sister to have some fun and had us spare for a minute at the end of class. It was nice to see that we still had an easy going but nicely paced interaction.  What stopped the fight was me dodging an axe kick (or crescent – not quit sure) that ended up coming down on my left bicep.  It totally frogged that arm and it’s really sore today. 

I’ll start leading class for the next three weeks starting tomorrow so I hope my imagination kicks in or it’s going to be long for everyone. 


I now live vicariously through your blog posts. I think 6-8 months off will do me good. So far I continue with weekly at-home workouts: TKD forms, mook jong, bag, and floor basics. I remain the undisputed champion against my free-standing bag. :-)

Besides my calisthenics, light weights, & stretching routine I've added walking. I am trying to walk an hour on the days I don't do the above. So far so good. I fear I may end up a Seagal fatty at the end of this 8 mo. break!
Potatoe Fist said…
So no Aikido? What about Mrs. Esterhaus?
A combination of problems:

1. I'm in a 9 course copyright management certification program. Jan. - June is looking VERY ugly.

2. August I'm at a 5-day leadership program at--and I'm not kidding--Harvard. The hick who got his undergrad at a state college is visiting Harvard. Wait 'til they get a load of me! Hee-haw!

3. I've committed to three sizable presentations this semester and I'm chairing our professional standards committee.

4. This ASU aikido is too "organic" for my tastes. One more Yodaism of "don't think, just do!" and I was going to go all boxing and TKD on her candy ass!

I like how karate, TKD, and TSD teach their arts. Basically this: Start with a lot of steps and as your rank increases, remove steps. By brown and beyond you start to flow and can play with improvisation. ASU expects this from the beginning.

My Mantis kung fu experience was organic sometimes. However, they had enough structure intermixed that I tolerated it longer.

So my plan is to survive the next 8 months. If no new jobs have been landed I'll likely give the Yoshinkan school a try in the fall. I'd love to do the krav maga but damn they are pricey! I still look for hapkido but so far no luck in this area.

Mrs. Esterhaus, yes, that's my mook! Her, my bag, forms, and punch kick drills will have to do.
Potatoe Fist said…
I can't believe your so busy! No wonder it's hard to get a work out in.

I'm glad that you've sorted out your style of learning. I've struggled a bit with that whole "just do" in the beginning. I believe that's really traditional stuff.

I wonder if Yoshinkan will be any different?
I read and have been told that Yoshinkan is more structured. The issue quite frankly is the job. We are in the 11th hour and sorely want to leave this Hilljack state. I'm actively searching so I always have to worry that I will end up moving. This makes me think: "If I start style X will it be in the area we move too?"

I've seen a lot of aikido schools in the areas I've applied so it looked like a safe bet.

That having been noted, the YS school offers Tai Chi and I'm thinking about trying it. Will send you the info.

RE: Traditional. Not even sure what is anymore! Sabums husband was in very traditional Shotokan and they broke it down by step. As you advance things transition to flow. Same for the two TKD schools I've been with and one boxing. I almost think it comes down to the teacher -- though style play a factor.

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