A Little More Test Stuff

A lot of the Black Belt Test was standing for five to ten seconds while the board took notes and commiserated and, frankly, a lot of the stuff I did didn’t look overly impressive.  So in order to keep your attention I made a highlights reel. 

Some smooth things, others not so much.


Erica said…
Great video and informative article. Thanks!

Mr. Martial Arts
BSM said…
Interesting. You do the front snap a little differently than we did in TKD. You step it down and slide the foot back. We just dropped back to front stance.

Potatoe Fist said…
Fascinating. The other difference is that we always keep our foot up, even during the foot lift. The demonstrator in the video had it pointed down even when bringing his knee up.

The whole foot slide thing we do is predicated on balance. In one way it shows we have balance throughout the kick and the other part is that it goes back to the rule of feet on the ground. Basically, the more often your feet are both on the ground the more stable you are. Our Teacher loves to grind in the fact that the fast return becomes a built-in response without thought to maintaining balance during and after the kick.

I'm not sure how true all this is because when we are sparring you don't see a lot of balance type work then, but I'm guessing the building block nature of that exercise would pay off in the future somewhere else.

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