Slipped Disk?

I got up to use the bathroom around 1:30 am this morning and when I sat down on the bed I noticed a quickly growing pain in my back.  Seconds later I could barely lay down.  Being mostly asleep I figured laying down would be a good idea, but as soon as my back started to settle the pain became so intense I had tears running down my cheeks.  Unable to find comfort in any position I went to the medicine chest and choked down 10K of ibuprofen and shuffled back to bed while literally gritting my teeth. 

After an hour of moving very carefully back and forth in a variety of positions I found I was able to lay on my back once again and fell asleep.  The only thing that was going through my mind was that I had to teach class on Thursday – this can’t be happening!

Some where in the back of my mind I realized this was different than other incidents.  Normally, with a back spasm all the muscles lock up around the spinal column causing the most intense pain.  However, even my pain and sleep induced haze I could feel my muscles all behaving normally but the pain in my back and radiating down my hamstrings was absolutely new. 

This morning I’m kind of sore, but my flexibility is mostly in tact – what an intense relief!


Last night I made it a point to show up for the entirety of both classes.  This frustrates my wife a bit because it means I’m out of the house for more than three hours, but she’s trying to be a good joe about the whole thing since I’m working toward my next rank. 

I forget how fast the kids class goes.  I feel like I was just warming up when the class was done.  I think all my nervousness is going to be reserved for the adult class which I feel totally unsuited for.  I’m using the rule that I can only teach technique that I know really well, which when it comes down to it, doesn’t feel like a lot. 

I went over the few things I was going to work on with the adults with Sensei and brought up a lot of notes.  The biggest concern being the vast difference in skill levels.  I want to do some mat work, specifically throws, but he pointed out so many of the students were new and knew nothing about even taking a basic roll.  So that’s what I’ll be working for most the third hour.  Fantasies of high flying are gone now.  Wahhh. 


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