Wednesday, November 10, 2010


Last night was my second evening working with the kids class and it went pretty well, but being entirely honest I was glad that it was broken into pieces and I didn’t have to construct the lessons.  Teacher does all his lesson construction from the top of his head, picking from vast years of experience and applying whatever crops up in his mind to apply to whatever is going on. 

That used to drive me crazy because I like knowing what is expected of me and what we as a class we’ll be working on, but I’ve come to appreciate the finesse he brings to bear with what he produces.  With an ever changing cast of characters, progress that we experience as a group is always set back to basic as newer folks join our group.  Teacher seamlessly brings beginner techniques in while getting advanced students to work on variations. 

With the kids I’m not quite sure what you can teach or say just yet so my exposure to their very fast hour is really helpful.  I tried explaining the outside crescent kick to them and got a lot of blank looks.  I realized sometimes you just have to move on and hope that works. 

The adult class was packed and we had three new people that have the look that they may stay around for a bit.  We had 17 people and three were missing.  The room feels particularly crowded and the heat level kept going up.  If we keep this level up movement based work is going to be a challenge.  We did a few katas/hyungs, so everyone’s stances got short in an effort not to trip over their neighbor.  


Mathieu said...

I find that reorienting class helps. Face north for such kata, diagonal for such kata.


Potatoe Fist said...

Can you explain in more detail? Sounds intriguing.

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