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Dance fool

Teacher got back from vacation last week and aside from the tan was pretty much the same as always. I guess I thought he was going to be brimming with philosophy after laying on the beach for a month. He had me over for dinner and had pretty much picked where he left off.

So he settled in and had me come in for an early workout. He had some ideas about how to improve my transitional movements. I realize that I'm clunky most of the time so I was intrigued with what he come up with. While I warmed up he started playing with the stereo for a bit. I thought that was a intriguing way to start things off, but he demonstrated using the music's tempo to dictate the pace or beat of the movement.

So it wasn't exactly kata/hyung, or dancing, but it was fun jumping around to the beat of the drum as it were. I was hoping, "everyone was kung fu fighting" would come on.

After 20 minutes of looking we were background players in a rock video from the 90s we started sparri…