One-step continued

I hurriedly grabbed some time with the internets before class and spotted a move we hadn’t done in ages – the simultaneous block and strike.  I’d actually learned this when I took Wing Chun in High School ages ago and was surprised when it came up in class since TSD seems so static with punch, block, kick, block. 

Anyway, it appeared to be well received and actually kind of challenging for our newer members.  I gather even after a few months of punch then block changing the pattern is very difficult.  Thankfully teaching it made it fairly easy, but Teacher had me constantly slow the pace so everyone could catch up.  Another lesson in teaching.  Do a lot of rote work so people can get comfortable.  I’m teaching to a lot of new folks.  Ugh.  I have a huge desire to skip to the practical demo and I need to slow way down.

The two sisters were tested during the last hour and did pretty good so we have two new Greens.  Tonight one will have to redo her hyung/kata due to a couple of missteps.  I think they’ll be doing some sparring as well since we ran out of time.  Being the Sempai means I’m going to have to take some lumps from their poor power control.  Sigh.


I’ve restarted my self education and have started relearning Neihanchi Cho Dan.  Anything Teacher learned in the past beyond his 1st Dan has long since been forgotten and he doesn’t appear interested in learning so I’m taking the initiative to learn it.  It doesn’t feel beyond my current level of education, but because of the repetitive hook punches I can easily get confused.  I’m beyond half way and just need to finish up in the next week before I go on vacation.


Tonight I ask to teach some more advanced kicks like the hook, spinning back and jumping front.  Teacher hasn’t done anything like that in a long time, so I feel like I’m rummaging through the history closet.


Mathieu said…
poor power control? hit back, preferably in the stomach, not hard, but hard enough to surprise. Immediate response back? No more hitting.

Flow is the hardest thing to achieve. breaking the step.step.step.step routine will help, I believe. The faster one is exposed to rhytmn break, the better!
Potatoe Fist said…
Giving one of the girls a little more umph in a punch makes me uncomfortable. I probably weight 60 pounds more than them and even the littlest tap is going to raise some eyebrows. Teacher just seems to treat it like a test for the rest of us, but the girls don't seem to understand the concept very well. I'll take it under advisement.

On flow and rhythm - Our group does really well with setting up rhythm, so Teacher has us break up rhythm to force us to concentrate. We end up with lots more bruises!
Mathieu said…
Pain is a good incentive. boy or girl. :)

Bruises are good... right?

Potatoe Fist said…
Bruises are great. Male or Female - we all wear them with pride. Only I don't seem to be getting them as much over the years, but if I do they are a doozy and last a long time.
Mathieu said…
Happy holidays!!!

be well, keep training, keep writing and be safe.


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