Friday, November 20, 2009


I wasn’t much of a teacher last night; more of giggler.  Whether it was the flu or an external confluence of events, our class was down to eight.  Even that sounds funny because that used to be such a big number to us.  However, it’s the perfect number for rotation so that was pretty great.  By the end of the night we were having such a good time everyone was laughing.  I wasn’t helping the level of seriousness.

Giant got his gi last night.  Size 7 and still a bit tight.  Dang.  I taught him a take down – capture a punch and pull the arm across the chest, take your other hand and do a jaw strike continue to twist the head and turn your hips.  Uke goes down easy.  He’s so big that he doesn't have to use any effort.  The strength in his torso far exceeds all of us together. 

The 2nd part of class started with some mats out, but we never really went far with that.  However during the warm up I was showing the students how to roll and then slap to arrest the movement and also to practice for taking a throw.  We usually have two lanes of rollers and I missed the lane on one role and had to slap on the floor – bang!  My leg still still hurts today.  Smooth.

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BSM said...

Ha! You made me think of my one judo lesson. Sabum #1 had a brown belt in judo. One night nobody showed up but for me, him and his fiance'. Well he was in a judo lesson mood so I got to do some stand up grappling. Bear in mind we had no mats and practiced in a ballet studio with a wooden floor.

He did one throw that literally had my feet over his head. His GF gasped and Bob's leg went smack! I fell the way I should but my ankle joint hit the darn floor. OUCH!

His other throws were very controlled but that one got away from him.


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