Footprints in the Gut

I was trying to settle into a restive sleep last night and, as I like to do most evenings, catalog my aches and pains - especially after a vigorous class. Unfortunately for me the amount of heat I put off makes me a very attractive sleeping spot for our cats. Over the years I've become used to their weight on my chest and legs, but last night I noticed something a bit more painful that usual. The inevitable ache of a serious bruise on my abdomen which the heavier of our two cats felt was the perfect spot to roost. Thankfully she thought better of it after about of half hour of my twitching around.

The bruise came from a kick we don't practice that often - the thrust kick. Explained to us as a way to move people away without serious injury. However we proceeded to do just that. Moving from a front snap to a thrust required a retooling of strength and accuracy we didn't appear to have. So there was a lot of oofs and whoofs when the wrong footing or placement occurred.

The class seems to be going through a dry period again. We were saying goodbye to Lux and Beard will start back to his Judo class Thursday. Little Sister only comes for the first hour. So the new class structure will be Little Sister in the first hour and Beard for the 2nd. Hopefully someone new will come. I guess I shouldn't complain about the personalized lessons...


Meg said…
Oh, aren't cats just wonderful for finding sore spots?? When I was first starting out, there was a one-step that required a "push" kick--it was #7, I'd basically PUSH as hard as you could into your attacker's solar plexus and block them from being able to do any damage. Unfortunately, if you're not aiming right, you can hurt someone.
I hope your bruises heal well and that you're not hurting too much in the morning!!
Colin Wee said…
I caught a push kick up my butt as a green belt as a defence against a jumping back kick (I was doing the jumping kick) -- a drill my instructor got us to do. I swear my sphincter must have hurt for 3 days! Colin
Ikigai said…
Youch, lot's of thrust kick injuries!

When practicing the thrust kick, we generally use some sort of padding, especially for those who are just learning. The padding could be a sparring chest pad or focus pad.

Of course, eventually it's good to practice without them, as you get a more realistic feel for the technique.

Hope your bruise feels better (so that your cat can have a comfy bed. haha)

Potatoe Fist said…
Colin, your sphincter shot reminds me of an incident I had with one of our young female students - we were practicing a wrist lock take down and I was the uke. As she took me down, my sphincter landed squarely on her upraised toe!

There was a lot of scrambling after that and a lot of red faces and shy looks.
Potatoe Fist said…
Mat, thanks for visiting the site. I think my bruise is almost gone, but that's a sure sign that someone is going to punch me there tonight!
Mathieu said…
Sounds painful!

Beatings are starting in a week. Where we will see my non-existant training pays off. :)

I've trained midly this summer.

hopefully, we'll have newbies and you will too. Were you in ju-jitsu, lots of people would go just to say they're doing juju-t-susu

If it makes you feel any better, not a class goes by without someone bleeding (mildly).
Colin Wee said…
Ouch! Hahahah. Sounds like fun. :-(


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