Downtime training record and a "Incident"

Since I'm not in classes for a bit and feeling better after a bit of illness it was time to jump back into the morning workout routine. As usual Bob at Striking Thoughts has added some motivation to my workout. In his most recent video he had something called "burpees." So I've added those into the workout and things have dropped back to the beginner mode. So where I was able to do three five-minute sessions, I can only do two. Here's today's accomplishments:

15 pushups
5 burpees
5 minutes of the knee/switch-foot drill
5-7 burpees
30+ pushups
5 minutes of drill
30ish pushups
5ish burpees.

Needless to say I was completely gassed. I'll remind you that I was in a 37 degree room doing this and I was completely soaked. It took a good part of an hour to cool down.

So I'm at my friends birthday party this weekend. She's quite fit and knew that I attempted to be a gymnast in High school. She proudly showed a set of rings she'd bolted into her ceiling in her training room. I asked immediately if I could try them out. No problem she said. I pulled myself into an inverted pike (feet straight up, head down, and then lowered my legs into a "L"). This was followed by a crack, a bunch of disorientation and me sitting on the floor holding one of the rings. Both H and I sat looking at each other in disbelief. Apparently the load wasn't rated for 200lbs. Oops. Folks from the party ran around the corner not sure what they were going to see - me laying on my back holding one of the rings while H stood near by with a glass of Scotch in her hand. Nice.


Bob Patterson said…
Compared to most 40-year-olds (and 30-year-olds!) we are both in better shape.

Don't kid yourself.

We won't talk about the folks in their 20's!

I just finished my "100 burpees". I made it to 50 and it was NOT non-stop.

My modest goal is to be able to do 50 non-stop by Dec. I don't think I'll ever see 100 at my age. Then again, I'm full of surprises.

Scotch is always helpful.


Potatoe Fist said…
Bob, I guess I really thought I could do something like 20, but I think I'd have do them in total exclusion of other exercises. In the mean time they really push the anaerobic which I think I need.
Meg said…
You're able to do 15 burpees?? Holy moly!! I can't do 5 without freaking out! I absolutely despise burpees!! And 30 pushups too? Man, you're making me feel like an old slug, and I KNOW I'm supposed to be able to do 36-40 of them by my next Dan test!

I'm applauding both you and Bob at Striking Thoughts! You're in MUCH better shape than I am!!!
Potatoe Fist said…
Meg, you understand I only did those burpess 5 at a time. But thank you for the compliments. I measure against myself as a younger person and see myself as lacking now so it's nice to hear some cheerleading!
Mathieu said…
congrats on the effort!(burpees and drills(knees and such))

That's a priceless moment, right?
Potatoe Fist said…
Totally a priceless moment. It certainly made my friends party. We aren't young anymore so to have damage to the house during the party makes us feel like we are in our 20s!

I did 10 burpees after my morning session today and thought I was going to puke. I can't understand how the hell that guy could 100 much less in four minutes. Phenomenal.
Ikigai said…
Just watched the 100 burpee video. Yikes! I would be very interested in learning how many hours a week he spends dedicated to physical fitness. I bet its a high number.

I may have to start sliding a few of these into my routine.
Potatoe Fist said…

They are brutal. I think the bigger you are the harder they are. I start falling apart at five. Pushing my bulk around has never seemed so heavy.
Meg said…
Even 5 at a time is an accomplishment!! I don't like doing them at all...I'd be lucky to do two to three without having to stop for breath!
Mathieu said…
I do 10 and stop. It's exhausting!
Steve said…
First thing that popped into my mind as I read your story was Adam Corrolla in his movie The Hammer. A boxer is punching a heavy bag and knocks it right out of the ceiling. All of his buddies are talking about how hard he hit the bag and Adam says, 'Who hangs a heavy bag with toggle bolts?"
Potatoe Fist said…
I was thinking along the same line while being showering with gypsum dust, but she told me later that the bolt had slide to the side of the joist. When I went back to the apologize she had already patched the ceiling and reset the bolt. She did not invite me for a retry.
uchi deshi said…
Too bad there weren't any photos!!
Potatoe Fist said…
Yeah, I couldn't believe that no one had a camera, but I was up and dusting myself off (literally) before my wife walked in.

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