I was helping my wife prepare her classroom for the new school year last night so I didn't get to beatings. So I've included a video of me on the receiving side of Kotegashi as we do it. Not very smooth, but I find it effective.

I've also, finally, started a drill in the morning that Bob at Striking Thoughts suggested. Taking a wavemaster, doing knee strikes for five minutes intervals with push ups interspersed. In fear that I would go into arrest I started with 2 minutes on the timer and then three. Tomorrow I'll try three three minutes rounds. So far I'm better than I thought, but the wavemaster has a tendency to move away so I'm either chasing it down or pulling it back. I'm hoping to shake off those extra pounds from wine country.


Bob Patterson said…
I too have a wavemaster. Did you fill yours with sand? 250lbs of sand is cheap and holds it in place.

Also, you don't have to necessarily strike full bore. Concentrate on high knee strikes and the switch step. You can even try to strikes, switch, two strikes, etc.

Finally, you can add ankle weights to make it harder and not strike full bore.

The point is more cardio than hitting the bag hard. Doing that may help to stop the bag from sliding.
Potatoe Fist said…
Bob, my wavemaster is empty! You are the man. I did three three minute rounds and thought I was going to die. I had a walkman on I was glad because between songs I sounded horrible. Much like how I sounded during the testing. I wish I started this months ago when we first brought it up.

I don't even start with pushups. So today went: 3 minutes (definitely not full bore), 40+ pushups, 3 minutes, 30 pushups, 3 minutes (with a gasping break), and about 30 pushups. Then cursing your name.
Bob Patterson said…
You really need to fill it with sand. The hard part is getting the sand in the small hole. I just cut a gallon milk jug in half and used it as a spout. I had to use a screwdrivers to get the hole unstuck but it worked. Go to Home Depot, Lowes, etc. and look for playground sand.

This cardio beats the stairmaster. Plus, I can't run due to a herniated disk and cervical fusion in my neck.

I do the bag routine once per week along with a ton of push-ups.

Two other times I have a light weight routine that also has punching or kicking.

If I'm feeling really frisky I'll add one last day that's a total traditional taekwondo workout.

In all of my workouts including the light weights I do something martial arts related.
Meg said…
Okay, so you do two minutes of knee strikes, then do pushups for how long?? You are going to have some incredibly good knee strikes!!
Potatoe Fist said…
I did 40 pushups on the first break and thought I was doing good, but I had a significant drop on the 2nd round - down 10. After I finished I did around 30 but they weren't very good.

I'm not knee striking very hard, but my switch step looks pretty awesome.
Potatoe Fist said…
Bob, my normal workout schedule is weights M,W,F,S and beatings T and Th.

I wanted to add the bag drill in because I can't run either and the test plainly showed that I don't have the cardiac fitness needed. I completed based on sheer will power, but I would have rather finished less light-headed.
Mathieu said…
Sounds like a good workout. I still stand by my kata - pusups, kata, sit-ups, kata, sqauts. :)

It works for me. I'll try that bag thing.

And yes, sand and rocks. I simply cut the top of the wave master and filled it up. Since it doesn't go on the ground anymore, it doesn't matter as much if the top isn't there anymore. Today is training day. We'll see how that goes. :)

Keep it up! Sounds like you're working extra hard.

Potatoe Fist said…
I had to skip this morning because my legs are killing me and I'm exhausted. The pushups are coming along though!

Why do you guys not use water? Just wondering...
Bob Patterson said…
The darn base started to leak!

Sand I can sweep up or barely notice. Water not so much.

My bag is about shot. I've beat the hell out of it for four years now. This Christmas I may need a new one.

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