Brown Day 1

I think I felt different. Kinda like, "Am I good enough for this?" and "Oh hell yeah, I went through the gauntlet!" The gang was giving me a lot of respect though, which was nice.

The brown belt against my red gi looked gross. Oh well, at least the little kids won't be calling me Santa Claus anymore.

Class had six last night and we worked very hard. I'm still drained from Tuesday so class felt very difficult, but I swear everyone was working harder than usual. Lots of knife hand blocks and spinning back kicks. Got some great pointers that I was able to immediately work on.

Still tired, still sore today. Not much to write about..


Meg said…
Even though you're sore, isn't it an awesome feeling of soreness??
Congratulations again!!
Michele said…
Congratulations on your brown belt! I read your previous post on testing and it sounds like it was a tough test.
Potatoe Fist said…
Going to class last night helped quite a bit to loosen me up, but the gym tonight was pretty worthless. I was without energy and I'm looking forward to hitting the sack early.
Bob Patterson said…
Rest and enjoy the feeling! I was beat to hell after my BB test. It took a month to fully heal.

I recommend a nice warm soak and a cold beer.
Colin Wee said…
Not much to write about?

What is your plan now that you are a new brown belt?

I typically ask that of black belt promotions. But I think it should be asked at all levels.

Potatoe Fist said…
Colin, that's an excellent question, but I'm not sure I have a cohesive answer. I just assumed I'd be going back to class and doing the same thing as always, however, I'd like to be less silly, perhaps do all the things with a bit more polish even though I might be tired...

What do people normally do? Set up a plan for their next rank? That seems a million miles away to me as of this week...
Colin Wee said…
There's very little separating brown belts from black. Many brown belts have a very high level of technique skill. My advice to brown belts is that the path to black belt is really an inner path - to make the decision that your black belt is inside your heart rather than awaiting you at the end of your grading.

Look at the black belts - do they fight any differently to you? Their techniques are your techniques!

All you've got to do is adopt your new black belt mindset, get to the dojo and start your black belt path now - don't wait for the belt.


Colin Wee said…
My blog focuses on techniques, but I have a few posts on grading so I've put links to your recent posts here. Colin

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