Ah hah

When I got my green belt, Teacher pulled me aside and said that all the "ah-hah" moments I'd been experiencing were going to become less and less frequent. Sure enough the plateau of experience vs. refinement set in and over the last year or so things have slowed down significantly enough to allow me to focus on improving all the small things.

Last night I got a new version of the "ah-hah." We were do a move that looks simple and is very effective, but the execution took two hours to learn. As usual anything with taking someone's balance and keeping your own is something I find very challenging. Last night was no exception, but Teacher was able to break down everything I wasn't doing and give me a metaphor or some correction to constantly refine the work. But the end of the night it was if I had 20 little ah-hahs. Nice feeling to see and feel such quick progress.

The move was to block a straight punch, move in a bit and get the blocking arm to grab the punching arm elbow. While Uki is still in forward movement continue to pull them off balance and give them an uppercut to the floating ribs. We then did three variations of follow up, but they all a foot movement, elbow lock and a shoulder guide. One throws the person. One drives them to the floor and one retains the locked arm and requires us to shoot our feet out and ride the person down to the floor. Hard work! Sore knees! Excitement!

I also added a few pictures to the slideshow of last weeks show off for my Dad.


Bob Patterson said…
My "ah-ha!" moments in taekwondo are few and far between. Even more so since I'm not training for 2nd dan.

The funny thing is my Chin Na is nothing but "ah-ha!" and I have to say it's really refreshing.

It also gives me something to compare taekwondo against which I think only makes the taekwondo better.


Even though yours are lessening I've been told that beyond black belt they still happen. If it's like that in TKD I'm sure it is in karate too.

Meg said…
I just had an "ah-ha!" moment today during my visit to Black Tiger. It was most interesting to see how they did forms. I felt like I learned something today!!
Potatoe Fist said…
It seems like we all had a good week. I hope it continues for all of us.

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