Wrist Lock

Never in my life have I had so much difficulty describing moves. Beard says, "how to do explain something felt?" In my last entry I was really unable to describe a lock, but Meg asked for a bit more so I took the camera and tried to get some shots of our basic lock. Thankfully we didn't do anymore in class because my wrists are still a bit tender.

Let me just say that their are a million ways to do this and we practice as many as we can, but this is about the easiest one I could describe.

First you take the striking hand on the outside with your same side hand. This could be from a block or just a straight up grab if you are fast and accurate.

We traditionally block farther up the arm and then slide down to the hand, but you get the idea.

Next is the hand placement. The fingers go around the ball of the thumb into the palm and your thumb on the back of the hand.

I usually do the next part with two hands, but this is really designed to be a single hand take. You are supposed to role the person's fist/hand up toward their body.

Note: You've got do this starting very relaxed or the person will tense up and if you've little hands like me then you are doomed. Away to assist into moving into this position is to dig your thumb between the two tendons - ouch!
This is first part of the pain. A person can be dropped to their knees in this position if the curling towards them is continued while close in. Not very descriptive - sorry.
And finally the twist. It's not a great shot of what's going on, but let's say that not only am I pushing his knuckles towards him, but I'm rotating his hand so that the ball of his palm is now going towards his body. You'll notice that his elbow is moving in towards his body to create relief. The only escape is take a fall or other counters that take to long to describe.
I usually have to do this with two hands. It reduces slippage.
And, in other news, Nilon is absolutely obsessed about testing for his next rank. He constantly asks Teacher about it during breaks and after class. I find this repulsive because it goes against my whole gut feeling about why we are there, but at the same time I'm absolutely drawn in because I want to know too! So Teacher says, "we are absolutely testing before the end of the summer." He pointedly looked at me...


Bob Patterson said…
We have a variation of that one in taekwondo. The only difference is we step back which disrupts their balance. Then we kick to the groin or face. How we do it is more of a quick distraction which sets up the kick.

The only escape on our version is to totally pull away which can be done. But you've still disrupted the attack which is still considered success.

As for testing, you are like me. I hate to disrespect the instructors!
Potatoe Fist said…
We've got a couple of variations on this theme and it pretty much always contains a component of balance-taking. Mostly we use this in relation to the kotegashi take down. It doesn't have the flow of the real Aikido folks, but we love the wrist lock component.

A side note on Nilon is that for the first time he actually seems to know his first three katas. Color the class surprised.
Meg said…
I learned the wrist lock using both hands, but the thumbs are on the back of the hand...then you can take a step back and that will pull your opponent off balance.
Thank you for the pictures. It does help me to know what you're doing when I see a good example!!

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