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I didn't post last week because I'm not really sure I had anything to say! Will wonders never cease. I didn' t have anything to rant about for once, no one to complain about and class is really pretty wonderful.

Having a class of eight folks is really fantastic. I'd long forgotten what it was like to have a constant rotation of different body types to work with. No longer stuck with one person and falling into a frustrating repetition. I hadn't realized the pure delight of seeing other folks. All of us doing the same techniques differently.

Of the influx we've had two for sure that appear as though they are going to stay around. Philly and Lux. At least they appear as though they will. Tonight was six folks when Beard showed up, but it was still great. I thought it was going to be repetitive, but Teacher managed to have a fun class that jumped through the time window again and made it feel like it was only a few minutes. Very engaging and great timing.


Bob Patterson said…
It sounds like our schools are the same size. We go through the same problem. Anywhere from 2-10 people and it depends on the time of the year.

There are advantages to smaller classes but there are also disadvantages. Same goes for bigger classes. In fact, if they get too big you can get lost in the shuffle.

Anyhow, it's good to hear things got interesting for you again.
Potatoe Fist said…
Bob, I'm fighting through one of those periods of "sameness." Everything seems to be very repetitive lately. I'm glad for the new folks because they mix it up a bit.
Mathieu said…
I hate those periods. I'm just getting out of one. Slowly, I want to write again and do more research, re-open old books.

They're hard.
Meg said…
With the changes that are going on up at our dojang, we're running into the same thing with our "adult/family" class. Some days there are only 3 people there, sometimes there are 10-12. It all depends.
It's a lot better to have a larger class because you get more people to work with. I like it because I can go back and refresh my mind on the older forms.

I'm glad people came in and are looking like they're going to stay. That would be good for everyone.

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