Endurance done?

I ran into Nilon at the store and he told me that we have two new people in class! It was like the clouds opened and sun shined right down on me. It meant that I didn't have to experience two hours of Nilon's supercilious attitude. With new people we have a little time to focus on basics and he can't get out of line too much.

Then it strikes me - and I don't think I'm being self-centered - he doesn't like to be there if I'm not there! He honestly wants me to be there so he can have fun. How painful. I find that I like him in real life (outside of class) where he is subdued and prefers to observe life. In class he becomes obnoxious in his excitement - at least to me.

So I changed my thinking as I went to class last night. We were getting new folks and Nilon's behavior took on a new face.

Of course when such things happen in the mind the reflection appears in reality. We had eight people show, not including teacher. Holy cow! We haven't had eight folks for as long as I can remember (maybe two year...). So Teacher had his hands full with absolute beginners and salty veterans mixed up doing the basics. We also had a visitor from another school in town. I didn't even know this one existed. The local native association had a class for a short time and it was taught by a co-worker of mine! I'm going to talk to him today about that.

Oh, and my knees are killing me.


Mathieu said…
sucks for the knees. Damn, why won't the body follow?

have fun with the newbies! Hope they don't quit after three months.

Bob Patterson said…
He might be that way because of low self-confidence. I'm guessing you are the other high rank so he probably feels threatened. Too bad he has to be an ass. I have a coworker like that that. Some things can't be fixed and you just have to have patience.
Potatoe Fist said…
I'll try to maintain the positive attitude. Endurance/patience = strengthening of the will
Meg said…
I hope your newcomers stick around so that you have a larger class! I think it's fairly common for people to sign up, try it for a while and either become intimidated by the forms and the techniques or the instructors. Or they just find out that they don't have the heart to continue.
I'm sorry your knees hurt! Take it easy--make whatever modifications you can because you don't want to blow one out!!
Potatoe Fist said…
Bob, I agree with you 100%. You can see that written in everything he says. I don't think the guy has a lot going for him...

We've been consistent with the new folks for four classes now. It's incredibly exciting. One of the newest guys was a guy I knew from10years ago!

I went to my PT about my knees - I have to take it easy and be careful as usual. If it a cartilege issue I gather it's going to take a long time to heal and I love reinjuring it...
uchi deshi said…
Very funny! There's always someone in the dojo that you don't want to work with for various reasons. Sometimes I avoid them, and sometimes I seek them out, so I can learn how to deal with them.

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