I might have mentioned before that although we do TSD the class is taught in Japanese, or at least we use Japanese terms for everything. Teacher Slim has his second degree belt in TSD, but all of his other belts were Japanese styles so by default we are Japanese as it were.

So the kata in Korean is a Hyung. In review of some new manuals from a grandmaster I hadn't heard of before (we aren't affiliated with any federation or society) I noticed a couple I hadn't seen before. They both start with Chil Sun. They don't look particularly difficult so I asked Teacher if I could go ahead and attempt to learn them. No problem.

After our discussion about what I need to be focused on to move toward my Brown belt Teacher pointed out that a few things I do that need to be addressed. One of them was the depth of stance. He said that anyone near this belt class needs to be doing a low, low horse. So tonight it was low, low stances. Oh how my legs protest.

I wonder what other pleasures are in store. He mentioned poor blocking and a few other things, but I was too excited about the possibility of Brown belt to concentrate. I'm going to pay for that.


Meg said…
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Meg said…
Sorry for that last post being deleted. I messed up what I wanted to say....

Do you remember the name of the book? I haven't seen any of the intermediate forms that start out with Chil Sung. I've got Grandmaster Ho Sik Pak's books, which my instructor uses as reference points. They're very good.

Kudos to you for attempting Chil Sung. I just learned Sip Soo for my last belt test and have to learn Bong Hyung Il Bu before I re-certify in March. I'd like to hear how you do with Chil Sung!!

Potatoe Fist said…
Meg - I'm reading the complete Tang Soo Do Manual 2nd Edition. It's by Ho Sik Pak. It has Chil Sung Ee Ruh and Chil Sung Il Roh tucked in with the other stuff.

The first (actually #2) seems pretty easy, but #1 seems to be very challenging.

I'm not sure we are talking about the same stuff though. I think you are way more advanced than I am.

The Chil Sungs you are referring sound way above my experience. I'm only up to Bassai. Let me know.
Meg said…
I have that same book. It's at work, so tomorrow I'll look at it then. I have Volumes 1 and 2. Volume 1 is up to Black Belt.

Sip Soo is a different form from Chil Sung and is very pretty to watch. I've been practicing it a lot lately.

Bassai is one of my more favored forms, but I like Sip Soo better, I think. I didn't learn Bassai until I was a red belt. It's Sa Bu Nim's favorite form and he teaches it very well!!
[Mat] said…
Bassai sucks.

My interpretation does, at least.

Korean terms - I used to know them, now they're just ghosts in my memory.

There was a chart for comparing kata's in different styles. I'll find it and get back here.

hey, guess what, it was bookmarked (Duh)


[Mat] said…

That didn't show right.
Potatoe Fist said…
Mat, thanks for that link. Really incredible that someone was able to figure all that out. Nice research on their parts. Also nice to see the universal theme through all arts.

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