Day 1

Last night was my first evening in a long time that I wasn't heading off to beatings. I was experiencing some mild guilt as I sat down at my night school desk trying to mentally prepare myself for two months of sit down classwork. However, those feelings passed quickly as I found out the pace that were going to held to. The teacher was going to be married in mid March and had to complete the entire course content in the next 9 weeks. Ugh.

I talked with Teacher yesterday about what I need to be working on. As I expected, but also dreaded - it's time to get low. My poor bummy knee is giving me problems now and doing a low stance where my thigh is parallel to the floor can be difficult. So some trepidation I started Chil Sun Ee Roh it didn't seem bad, but the problem with low stance is that it requires a lot of space which I don't have. So half my stances are nice and low and the others I end up bunched up next to a ficus fending off it's lower branchs with an augmented block. I'm so tough.


[Mat] said…
I feel the knee pain. This £@¢¤¼³²¦(*& horse stance kills me everytime. Plus, moving in it? OUCH!
Potatoe Fist said…
I'm now trying to read in low horse stance to build up my tolerance. I keep looking at the clock and four minutes is my current record. If I move around I can endure more though. I'm on a consistent diet of Ibuprofen at the moment...
[Mat] said…
anana juice could replace the iboprofen you know?

Plus, it's easier on your kidney and has good taste and on the wallet.
[Mat] said…
But it doesn't have good taste on the wallet. Or on the table.

Sorry for my lack of good syntax!
Potatoe Fist said…
So the question is how much Pineapple (anana?) do you need to drink to equal 600 too 800 mg a dosage?

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