Big Question

So maybe I've seen too many movies about how you are supposed to be all respectful to your Master and that any changes to how things are done should be treated with the upmost significance.

It was at the break that I finally got up the nerve to approach Teacher about a change in schedule. I needed to take some evening classes and I'm getting the point in class that it's become exceedingly hard for me to let go in fear that I'm missing something or I'm backsliding. So I haltingly tell him how I need to take these classes, but I didn't think I could afford to miss beatings.

As my wife guessed Teacher was more than open to helping me out with some face time during the weekend or whenever he had a break in his schedule. Awesome!

Kid Speed returned after I don't know how long and a new guy has returned a couple of times so I'll call him Lee Majors because he looks so much like him. I accidently called him that a few times tonight!


frotoe said…
What a good sensei. That must have made you feel great. :)
Potatoe Fist said…
I just got off the phone with him since we needed to discuss details about time and what to work on. He said that this couldn't have come at a better time. He felt that I'm at the point where I need to work on some specific things that are difficult to address during the regular class.

He's being incredibly generous with his time so I feel like I have to respond by being as good as possible.

I feel great!
[Mat] said…
That must have been pretty nice.

But from experience, Sensei's are always eager to train more. :D After, all, it's fun!

Good luck with your weekend training.

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