Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Sleep interrupted

So I've got a problem living in the far North. As the days get shorter I tend to have more problems sleeping. What happens is that I was born in the South so my biorhythms tend to be fairly "normal." By that I mean that when it gets dark I tend to relax and think about bed. I get into the rituals that mean I'm getting ready for bed - cleaning the kitchen, taking care of the cats, etc. This gets a little difficult when the winter comes. As you all know the farther you get North the shorter the day gets. When my wife and I lived in the Arctic there are certain times of the year where there is no light.

So what I'm trying to say is that around 5pm my body wants to go to sleep and sends me signals by being drowsy and so forth. If I indulge in this and go to bed early I can't get to sleep; setting up a frustrating cycle of tossing and turning and easily disrupted sleep. Add to this two old cats that like to come at all hours and announce their cat problems. Arggh.

So I count on beatings to help me sleep by working me hard enough to be exhausted to get to sleep. Even that isn't working, so tonight (after class) I'm on a sleeping pill and drinking a single malt in hopes that I'll soon have to go to sleep.
Class included what I think is Bunkai. Uses components of kata in actual application. We use the knife hand in several Kata and tonight we drilled with that quite a bit. I'm not a particular fan, but just a few oopsies led to to me flexing my throat muscles in anticipation of a strike that never came. Perhaps this will change in time, but I have no training in hardening my hand in that fashion. My wife laughs at my use of a brick to harden my knuckles.

Although she's never mocked me about the brick I thought I saw give me a couple of glances. Then, while we were having a party, a few people noticed it under the coffee table and my wife ends up telling everyone how I'm always training with it and so on. Everyone looked impressed or weirded out. I'm wasn't sure because their was beer involved.


Silverstar said...

Your cats are so cute! I've got 2 as well who also love to tell me about their "cat problems".:)
Have you tried warm milk and cinnamon? Sometimes that helps sleep and you could also get a UV light to regulate your sleep/wake cycle better.

Potatoe Fist said...

At first I thought you meant the cats! I do use a UV light in the mornings and I think that helps me get going, but I think I hold off on the milk. It kinda makes me feel bloated :-)

Mathieu said...

Bummer about the sleep. Nothing beats a good night's sleep! Even lots of sex. (my priorities need to be sorten out:D)

I get the same faces when people seem my wooden board in the basement. Then, they try it and go :

"You're nuts!!"

I know. I am.

Hope you get to sleep more!

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