Friday, July 06, 2007

Back In The Saddle

"Are you feeling okay?" asked Check.
"I think so. Why?" I replied.
"You're completely pale and sweating." she responded.
I looked past Teacher's shoulder into the floor to ceiling mirror directly behind him and noticed with concern that invisible mime people did a ghostly makeover on me while I was doing punching drills. The sweat I could discount until I realized that no one else was having a problem with the light effort. Nice.

I realized later that there are two types of out of shape; one that comes from general inactivity and one that comes from prolonged illness and the inactivity that it breeds. The later had me in it's grips last night. I was doing everything I could to keep breathing regularly, but at end of a sequence I'd be huffing and puffing like I just did sprints. Can a person have negative cardiac fitness? Apparently.

I was dreading going back because I wasn't sure that I'd have the wherewithal to do a whole class, but I made it through, drank two beers and when to sleep. It was great to see the class again. We now have a new member, a young man (12 or 13) who comes from a formal Karate background. At Yellow belt he knows 12 Katas very well compared to our 8. Ah youth.
Apparently his attendance has helped everyone be a little bit more professional so we are back to a formal bow in and out. Very nice.


Miss Chris said...

No matter how "in shape" I was, my cardio always sucked. Literally. I would suck wind no matter how many years I'd been working out and it never got any easier. When I was in tip top shape my resting heart rate was still in the 80's. Now that I'm not exercising it's in the 70's. Figure that one out! lol

frotoe said...

damn invisible mime people...I hate when they do that!!
it doesn't take long lose that cardio health and feels like forever getting it back.

Mathieu said...

man, I'm currently on training break for summer.

I expect to be very sweaty in the first class....

Just stretching, I could feel the pain already....


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