Saturday, June 30, 2007


When I returned from vacation I had thought I had a bout of allergies, but it turned out to be a substantial cold. It's in it's second week of incubating and causing me misery. Apparently everyone has it here, so I've just got to ride it out.

It a moment of frustration I decided to run. The cold just makes me feel mildly icky so running seemed like a great way to get back into gear. At five minutes I almost passed out in a drainage ditch. I ended up walking home enjoying the weather while massaging the already fierce cramping that was starting in my thighs. Wow, four weeks of enforced relaxation doesn't do me one bit of good.

So I promised a picture, but much to my shame I'm not in shape or very tan for that matter so here's the closest one I could stand posting.

Now you can all see my inability to match clothes, but they are easy to wash...

Thursday, June 21, 2007


We're back from Vacation and it's taking me some time to get back on my feet. The trip was great, but I'm exhausted and my allergies are in full gear. Who would have thought it would ever be nice here.

Anyway I promised a picture so I'll try to dredge something up from the trip. I'm afraid it wasn't a vigorous trip so I'm out of shape and there wasn't much sun either.

Friday, June 01, 2007


In the week up to leaving my wife and I are running around as it is and then I get an evening job to get going! Stressful!

Anyway, no posts for a couple of weeks. I'll post a picture when I get back.

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